CNC News – A new voice has been released from China

CNC News - A new voice has been released from China

CNC News – A new voice has been released from China

Although the whole world has become global and many innovative changes have taken place, the spirit of the people follows the unique path of racial discrimination and there is a considerable difference in the way in which the Eastern world is raised. The recent launch of the English-language channel in China called CNC seems quite productive, but critics fear watching the international audience with skepticism, especially because it won’t win the hearts of Westerners.

The latest global news channel will provide a new source of information for the global audience. After the success of many global chains in China, China has also planned this release so that it also has a global media influence platform, but with its own agenda.

While this is not the first global English-language media channel in China that offers 24-hour service, the problem is that, despite the fact that the CNC chain is broadcast worldwide, it provides global news 24 hours a day, The Chinese will not be able to see it. This is the main flaw in the launch of this channel.

Many Chinese speak English fluently and foreigners in China can also get all the world news by watching this channel, but the fact is that it is not available to them and will certainly be an obstacle to language growth. Chinese. Economy.

Undoubtedly, all this is due to a political objective that really creates a climate of strict censorship, but the CNC still has the means to open the way to the top of the developing world. As in the past, no other channel has successfully established and occupied a dominant position. Most of the channels of the Chinese government are actually the eye and language of the ruling party in China and disseminate information according to the restrictions imposed by the ruling party.

The true truth behind China’s success is that it uses its official language as a means of education and communication among the local population. Therefore, people show their full potential when they work in their own country with their past traditions and communicate with each other. way they understand the best. The globalized world has certainly packed all the countries of the world in a chain reaction where a small problem in one certainly disrupts the entire connection.

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