AP sports news

AP sports news

Associate Press or AP, aims to become the largest and most reliable global information network. By providing accurate and detailed information, they guarantee the objectivity, accuracy and balance of the reports. They have more than 4000 employees in more than 240 offices around the world. Owned by approximately 1,500 US newspapers, AP primarily operates a “nonprofit” cooperative through an elected board of directors.

AP information is transmitted 24 hours a day to its large membership base, including some national clients, but also commercial and international clients that subscribe to their stories. AP news and articles are constantly updated for your online news portal. The AP digital photography network is considered the most advanced and sophisticated in the industry. The Associated Press has, in addition to a state-of-the-art television news service, the largest radio network in the United States, as well as an excellent archive of commercial digital photos and a photo library of more than 10 million images.

The AP Global Sports report is considered one of the most complete and detailed reports on sports news from around the world, reported by its talented group of journalists and photographers. His sports report combines around 35,000 photographs and stories from around the world and integrates them into a single product. Information about athletes in games, action, events and the drama surrounding these numbers is also reported every 24 hours.

The Associated Press has a network of 1,700 weekly, daily and academic newspapers in the United States. They also have a video service of a sports joint venture called SNTV and around 500 international broadcasters receive their news service. They have 850 radio news affiliates. In addition to all this, AP sends news to about 121 countries in 4 languages. This news is translated into many more languages ​​by its international subscribers. Nearly 3,000 employees are journalists of every 4,000 employees worldwide, who deal with various aspects of communication, administrative and editorial profiles.

Founded in 1846, AP has become one of the most reliable sources of independent information and information. Their work was so appreciated that they received 49 Pulitzer Prizes, 30 of which are photos of Pulitzer, the majority received by the media.

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