Each of us has to compromise with data loss – when the failure of the question of hard drive or data corruption or when we accidentally delete a file. And in the same way if you’ve ever lost some important data, surely you have heard about data recovery. Today I will talk about how it works, how effective it is and how it is possible to recover all types of data. So let’s learn everything.
Data loss and data recovery

Data loss and data recovery

In many ways, your valuable data may be lost – if the files are deleted incorrectly, the hard drive gets broken, there is no problem in the software, data corruption, even loss of data when hacked There may also be data loss. It is possible to retrieve data from almost any data loss. Experts were able to retrieve data from a trash because of long-term losses.

If your lost data is connected to hard drives, solid-state drives, pen drives, or any media storage, you can hire an expert to save those data or by purchasing good data recovery software and your lost data Can lose some money by losing. Can get it.

But it is important to keep in mind that recovery of data is not always possible-sometimes the system can be ineffective, so it is impossible to recover any data. However, the current data recovery technology has achieved tremendous revolution, for example; Crawl ontrack is an Australian data-retention company that guarantees 99% of data recovery from any hard drive.
How Does Data Recovery Work?

It is possible to recover lost data in a number of ways, depending on how you lost your data. Below, I have tried to discuss some common data loss factors, if you know more about any factor, then let us know by commenting below.
Delete file

Delete file

The fun and nice thing is that when you delete a file from the drive, it still remains in your drive, and it will remain until it changes from another file. This means that if you take a quick step to recover a deleted file, then the chances of getting your file back is greatly increased. You can use good data recovery software to restore deleted files. You can learn about many such software by Google. None of them will be free to buy money. These software uses many complex algorithms to find older data on the drive and estimate the physical location of deleted files. If the software is capable of estimating the correct location, you will undoubtedly get the file back. And if you can not guess, then your destiny is bad!

However, after the file has been removed, any activity with your computer may be responsible for losing your data forever. Kenona has an opportunity to overwrite new files. Even while browsing the Internet, your old or lost cache files or cookies may be overwritten, and you will not take them back. File Recovery Software can only retrieve files that are not overwritten.

How quickly you can get rid of deleted files or get back the opportunity, depending on how often it depends on your file system. for example; The Windows NTFS file system keeps file information safe even after the file has been deleted, so any recovery software has many advantages of finding a file. Other filesystems such as UTF or FAT delete a file as soon as they are deleted, so finding a file from the recovery software becomes very difficult.
File correction

File correction

If your computer starts receiving messages repeatedly “your hard drive is corrupted” then you know how bad it is. But there is no reason to worry – Kano still has a chance to return your data. First of all, you have to connect your hard drive to another computer, if you check that the operating system’s drive is encrypted, you can easily copy the rest of the data.

But the real problem can be if the partition table of the hard drive is corrupted. However, it is possible to fix a corrupted partition table using Linux. If you want, I can make a tutorial about this. If you can set up the partition table successfully, you can easily get copied data back. If not, but still enough information from the division tableIt will be able to recover, even if it depends on the corrupted level.

Now if the recovered files are encrypted then it is possible to use them using file recovery software. The software will try to find previous versions of files from the hard drive to find them, so files which are retrieved can be useful. If you can fix the partition table, almost all the data will be returned.
File system format or file destruction

File system format or file destruction

In addition to removing files, the file format is destroyed in system formatting, but files are physically located when the file is overwritten. But earlier said that the deleted file depends more heavily on its file system. For example, if you delete a large data on the FAT file system, then it overwrites that part of the drive with zero, so it is very difficult to get the previous file back. But recovering the NTFS filesystem file is very easy.

If a file is destroyed, then it depends on how much file the file has affected. If the file retrieval software is capable of receiving enough information from the damaged file, then the deleted file can be used. Even if file recovery software tries to find a previous version of the previous version of destruction, if found, but in fact your luck is very good.

Physical hard drive damage

One thing is to recover or recover files that are formatted or corrupted and to retrieve files from completely deleted physically deleted hard drives. In this case, any cheap data recovery software or technical knowledge will be of no use; it is better that you drive a specialist.

It is very difficult to safely open the destroyed drive. Only experts can do this, they have completed this work in a dead and very clean room. This room is very controlled environment and all types of natural pollution free. In this situation, a small dust can completely disrupt the hard drive. Static electricity can also destroy the drive again. This is why this room is specially designed for the environment and clothing of the experts, so that the production of less stable electricity can be produced.

In many ways there may be a hard drive physically damaged. Many times the bus drivers of the bus driver become the controller board or head. These conditions can be changed by repairing the drive. But these changes should be made to help the experts prepare or drive for any serious damage.

Experts try to fix your drive by taking one step after another. First of all, it physically fixes the damage and then drives the drive and then attempts to recover the data using special software. This whole process is done in a controlled room. You can spend up to several thousand dollars for data recovery by the expert. But many new companies offer special discounts.
Solid State Drive Recovery

Solid State Drive Recovery

After days, solid state drives are becoming more popular. Especially the new UltraBuks Solid State Drive will be the main surprise. Recovering data from SSD is very easy and effective than any conventional hard drive. The process of removing or formatting data recovery is also the same here.

However, recovering data from a physically damaged solid state drive is a very expensive task-this technique is still new. Once a solid state drive is physically damaged, it may have to spend 4-5 thousand dollars to repair it. But the future costs may be very low.
Sometimes data loss tips

File Recovery Software or Expert can help you get lost data, but these processes are risky, time-consuming and expensive. Therefore, there is a need to have a lot of backup for long-term data without the risk of losing data. You can accept the cloud data backup service, backup your hard drive at home.

Protect your drive from power cuts, and be careful that do not delete files or format the system incorrectly.
Last word

Hopefully you will benefit from today’s post. If you lose valuable data, at least you will know what you need to do. Have you ever used a data recovery software, or are you an expert? Your experience can be shared with us by commenting below. In your opinion, what are the best data recovery software

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