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If you are a desktop user, you should have a monitor, or if you want to buy a new computer, then you should think about the monitor. Available in the current market to see and buy monitors of various markets and various panels. But for the right thing, you would prefer a computer monitor panel, today’s article is about it. TN, TNS, IPS, VA, OLED will discuss with some of these popular panels today. So next time you go to buy a computer monitor, you will know which monitor panel is right for you.
TN panel technology

The full name of the TN panel LCD monitor is Twisted NMatic. TN panels are seen in today and especially in cheap monitors. It’s not that it’s going to get worse, because cheap monitors keep it; It also has some advantages. For some purposes, this panel technique is also used on high end monitors. Like gaming; The TN panel monitor is very fast, it means its reaction time is very fast and often the panel has a high fresh rate. Due to the features of the LED backlight, this panel monitor is capable of giving a lot of brightness and saves more energy than the monitor’s other monitors. If you are a gamer and you need a lot of time, TN panel monitors can be the best for you. In addition, there are several low input logs in this panel monitor. That is, you can say almost immediately on your computer GPU is a graphic rendering, which can be displayed immediately on this monitor.

The worst part of the TN panel monitor is its color representation and poor viewing angle. Most IPS monitors use 8-bit color, but only 6-bit colors are used in TN. After writing a little color, I will try to write an article, but it will know that color bits have the ability to display colors of all colors. With 6-bit color this technology monitor can not show 16.7 million True Color. So if you buy TN panel monitors for professional photo editing or video editing, then it will be a good waste of your money. You will see a color in the monitor but when it is printed or it will run on the mobile phone’s IPS display, then your color will be different.
VA panel technology

Now let’s talk about the VA computer monitor panel, its full name is vertical alignment. This is a middle-class monitor monitor panel. Its price is slightly higher than the TN panel but IPS is very expensive. The advantage of the TN panel is that, you will get a better looking angle on the VA panel and the ability to display its color is also very good. Although it has the advantage of displaying large viewing angle and better colors, but it is not as good as the IPS and its response time is worse than the Tien panel. Many VA panel monitors claim that there are many input logs

There are also. So there is no question of this monitor for gamers.

However, if you are a general user, you want to get good visual angle and a lot of color contraposition without investing more money, but TN Panel Monitor might be good for you. Although it is not a premium, it still offers medium expirions. And if you think of the budget, this panel might be a good choice for you.
IPS computer monitor panel

IPS (In-Plane Switching) Monitor Panels The best search for the current LCD technology It is able to provide the best image quality with the best color accuracy and the best viewing angle. This panel monitor is especially good for graphics designs and works, where it needs to show the best color. IPS provides the best viewing angle in the current LCD monitor panel technology and provides the highest wide angle, which is the highest of 178 degrees

This panels have the most outstanding viewing angle for laptops, tablets, and smartphones, because most of the time we do not look directly or through the phone screen. To get the highest quality and premium quality, this panel monitor costs more than the VA panel or TN panel. However, due to the overwhelming popularity, many production companies have built an IPS panel monitor even during the budget.

However, the TPS panel or the VA panel, the IPS panel monitors have a response time slo Its race time ranges from 6 milliseconds to 16 milliseconds; Where the response time of TN Panel Monitor is only 2 milliseconds to 5 milliseconds. So most of the high end gamers do not get very good results with this response time, maybe the high speed games may seem to be light muddy, though many do not mind it as a problem. However, some high-end IPS monitors have improved many times in the refresh rate and reponse time. It is possible that the monitor of this panel will come up with an overview of the TN panel, but there will be a lot of unique features.

The difficulty is one and the same “price” Since this is a premium quality monitor so you may have to shell out a lot of money from the price side, where the TN panel offers cheap prices cheaply. Since IPS is a very good color reprint, it is not possible to imagine a panel other than professional work, especially its own grade panel.

Theresa are also some types of IPS monitors, such as PLS IPS or AHAVA IPS. There is no such special effect on them, which I will discuss in detail, they work like the IPS but some improvements have been made. For example, the PLSS IPS monitor brought a better view angle than the normal IPS.
Oleed Panel

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