Many people are surprised to see how hundreds of CDs can be placed on the same memory card in half an inch. Again there is no memory card in the hard drive. Hard drive is an efficient computer memory device, which can store a lot of data using normal magnetism. The microprocessor on your computer completes all the processes and tasks of the computer-but the hard drive is the partition in which you have the opportunity to save a lot of data, music, digital photos, text documents etc. It was a remarkable discovery that was produced in the 1950s, and surprisingly, its initial status was in the form of a cassette tape.
How to save information with magnetism?

Magnetism is the science behind magnetism but there are complex things. But what if you bring a smile to any piece of iron – you certainly know the technique – although chemistry is complex, it is very easy to implement but its very easy. There is no magnetism in the first case of iron pieces, but if you are announcing the iron piece with repeated ting, then the iron will also turn into a flame, and it will be pasted with other places. In addition, there are many practical uses of electromagnet (it can be turned on or stopped using creamy skin or electric) to remove the waste near the kiss, where large metal pipes or broken cars are removed.


In addition to removing waste, Sphook also has a more important use. Think you want to send a message to your friend, but to send a message you have a magnet iron and the second magenta iron. Now think, your massage is quite simple, it means that you can meet him, just want to massage in yes or no. So you sent an iron piece to your friend’s house, which stuck to that piece of paper, if it attracts the clip of paper, then this magnet is iron, it means that you are coming to meet, and if you Do not meet, you will not be able to meet. I know that this was a strange example for sending a message – but just think, this example has brought one thing to us, and it can be preserved for any information.

If you have a 20 GB (GB) hard drive on your computer, remember that this is a box with 160,000 million microscopic magnesium fragments and each piece has a little bit of your information. About the bit, I have given lots of ideas in previous posts, it is basically a binary number where there are only 1 or 0 numbers. No number on a computer is in decimal or decimal (0-10) size, but the binary number is in the pattern. Since the decimal number is 382 in binary form 101111110, in this case the characters are also in binary form. For example, the computer English capital letter “A” whose decimal number “65” is saved as a binary number “1000001”. Now suppose that you want to save the number “1000001” on your computer’s hard drive, where you have to work with the help of spyware. However, you have to find a crowd where there are 7 unused iron pieces together. Now you first kiss the piece

When your computer wants to store any new information, it searches for empty areas from the map. Then, in that area, the data is delivered to the read-write head, and given to the correct command. Right Writing is processed to correct the data. To keep such a large amount of information in such a small space, the hard drive is actually called a great engineering. It lets you save hundreds of CDs of music in a small box, but there are some disadvantages too. For example, if a small grain of grapes falls on its plate it can be ineffective. Apart from this, since it is a mechanical division, its head can be ineffective for any reason, it is called disk crash or head crashes, and therefore you can lose all the information on the hard drive. But there is no problem, I have a detailed post about how to get lost data again.

However, to avoid data loss due to a hard drive crash, it is necessary to place important data on another hard drive or in a backup format in a compact disc CD or DVD. I will post a detailed post later that how CD or DVD works.
working time

Hard drive or hard disk

So when you open any file or do any work on a computer, then every data gets repeatedly on the hard drive. Manekaruna If you open an image on the computer, then your CPU will tell the hard drive to find that location or in that sector, the hard drive plate will start moving very fast and the nano will find the image around seconds and send it to the CPU . And it’s called Data Raid. The CPU will take that image and processing it to display it on your screen.

Now imagine editing the image. When you open an image while editing an image editing software, it is saved on hardware hard drive, but when the image is completed by completing the edit, the read-write head will move to the position of the previous image and the new Overwrite the data on the image, say what is the process of writing data

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