What is bitrate

With today’s technology, we expect everything to be super fast speed. We want smartphones like Internet, Super Fast, Super Fast and even Super Fast. With super-fast demand, quality has increased in demand. Fun, movies, video and audio are not available for high quality. But do you know who is responsible for the quality of this super fast internet speed and ultra high definition video? Bitrate is the main effect of delivering a term Internet speed or high quality video. So let’s get some information about this and try to understand why this is necessary.
What is bitrate?

Bitratebit can basically say a word or a calculation; This means that how many bits (computer data) is being moved from one place to another in a given time. Bitrate is usually expressed in bits / percendition or by BPS, kilobit / per second or kbps, kbp, megabit / per second or mbps.

When the case arrives at the speed of the Internet, then the bitrate is as fast as possible, the faster the internet is possible, the more bitrate the audio or the video, the better the quality is, but the size of the file may increase. . The Internet Provider Company places its Internet Plan in different bit speeds. Their plans are always in the form of Kilobit or MEGBIT. Many people think kilobytes or megabytes kilobytes or megabytes are wrong. Canola kilobit / kppp is written in English and every other and KB / KB / KB in every other. But after the “K” in English, there is no byte on the basis of the following “B” (b) or upper hand “B” (B). If the lowercase letter is a bit larger then it is a byte. Note that 1 byte has 8 bits; Therefore bytes are usually larger than bits.

As already mentioned, when the question comes on the Internet, always the highest bitrate is best. You do not have to put pressure on your hardware due to the speed of the internet or more, but if you have a bitrate or more speed, then any data can reach you very quickly. High bitrate internet connections have many advantages, for example – you can stream high quality video, without any stuck, can do online gaming, browse the web page quickly, upload the file at a faster speed (File is free from your computer on the Internet) and download (a file that is taken from the Internet to your computer). If you have internet connectivity, you only need a few minutes to download large size files.

There are two types of bitrate in the Internet Internet connection, to download the measurements and download the other measurement. Most Internet service providers put more emphasis on downloads rather than uploads, so download speed is generally higher than download speeds, most downloads are downloaded from most Internet users. It means downloading but not just downloading any files. Data from the Internet also comes from your computer and even web pages, all of this in the download.

But if you upload more than the download or you can upload large files daily, then your upload bitrate should be checked. There is a website to test how much speed you are buying from your ISP and how much speed you are getting in Speed Speed Test.net. It can not give a correct solution, but you can take a lot of ideas. There is another word in the Internet connection betet, which is called ping or latency; An article can be read in detail in this regard.
Audio and video

The audio and video bitrate, audio or amphitree music we hear are very different from the studio record, it is basically deserving for the listener only when it compresses (file size decreases). And audio files are usually compressed by lassi, which reduces the size and decreases

There is a slight difference in quality too. Sources can be compressed from data to create different sizes and different quality files, and depending on the bitrate period, how much audio or audio can be understood or how good it is.

Typically, quality is understood how much bitrate is needed to run an audio file per second. Audio typically ranges from 96 kilobytes per second to 320 kbit / s bitrate per second. To listen to any local audio or music, 128 kbps audio is used and the audio is encoded in 160 kbps to achieve the original digital version quality. Audio encoded at 320 kbps for high quality audio; However, we do not have the ability to separate audio quality between 160 KB and 320 Kbps.

In the same logical video – High Better Video provides better quality. If bitrateres are low on the same condition, the quality will not be good. As already mentioned, there are 8 bits in 1 byte; This means that if a video uses 1MB of data per second, then the video will be 8 megabits / bitrate per second. An HD Blu-ray video typically has 20 Mbit / s bitraterate, standard definition DVD video typically has 6 Mbit / s, and online video has 2 Mbit / s countercondition. Due to low bitrate in online video, Slow Beatrights can also be run from an Internet connection.

Compressing and reducing the bitrate of the video to reduce the size of the video. The bitrate in the video is very high, in high resolution video you will not get good quality, even though bitrateres are not high. However, using some compression techniques and algorithms, it is possible to get great quality in low bitrate video. There is an article on how to compress the video, without spoiling the quality of the video, you can read it.

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