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The term open source is becoming more and more popular. You must be aware that Linux or Android is open source, but you know what it means? What are Xenan, open source software? How to tell if software is open-source? We think “open source” is free, is this true? Let’s try to find answers to all the questions.
What is open source software?

What is open source software?

When most users download any software program (iTunes), they download an installer file – which helps you unpack your program and work on your system. For this reason, users can execute any software executable file (usually .exe file) and run a program on their system. But these executable files are made up of thousands of source code codes.

As you can see in the picture above, it is a source code written in Python Language. Because they are boring, confused and uncomfortable seeing them. However, there are several command lines and statements in the source code that follow the installer when installing software. Once you create this installer file using these source code, you will not need to know or see the source code.

So when you download iTunes and try to install it, there is no need to know your iTunes source code. If you use the product directly, you may not be able to create the software that you created, what code did you create You install it on your system with just a few clicks and think that everything is fine.
Often open-source software developers open the software by executing the source code and then opening it, and sometimes just open the source code, which the user has to make the final product.

In one word, “open source software”, where the source code of the software is open to all (public) and other software source code (private). So open-source software is not free. Yes, you may find many software free, but this is a small number. Not only open-source, private software may also be free. If you want, open source software developers will write a detailed article about how to make money.
Why Use Open Source Software?

Why Use Open-Source Software?

Imagine an engineer built a house and advertised for sale. You bought a house and bought a house After buying a house, you started using it right. Now suppose a house suddenly had a faulty line of electricity or a water pipe burst, from which water started coming out. But what do you do? You can not fix it yourself – you do not know about the power line of your house, nor is there any way in which the water tube has been taken.

Similarly, when you install any software on your system, you do not have any information about its source code and you can access those codes if you wish. Just as your home system and electric line helps in running the water and electricity of your home (if you do not know how to line it in any way), similarly, without any software telling you how to do it Works, will not provide any information about it. But now, if there is a deadly security error or bug in the software?

A contractor or electrician or home water tube or electricity to control youJust wait for the plane, and if there is a problem with any software, wait until the developer opens a new version.

You can say, why there are so many people who fix their home problems themselves. Yes, you are right, but it will be possible only when your home engineer gives you a blue print of your home. By using BluePrints you can easily understand that no or any person in your house has gone through the tube. And the only source of this thing is open source software – they give you the source code of the software, so that you understand that the software is working, and you can do whatever you want about any problem.
Open source advantages

Open source advantages

In this situation, you can say, “What can I do with my brother source code? I am not programming”. Well, if you can not program a line, you can still use your open source Need to support. Why? I see some reasons below.
Open-source helps in building a community

When a source code is made public, then any developer or programmer can gain knowledge about that software. This acquired knowledge can enhance their programming skills. As it is in the library, many books have been written on different subjects in different ways, so it is possible to find a better way to this subject. While working with open-source, it is possible to make something new with its talent, hard work and creativity and with the help of everyone. It also helps in quick help

Ownership If there is an error in the software or close software, then users will have to wait until the software company sets a new version, and it keeps running often. But in open-source software, you can not fix it, but there are thousands of developers who do not have any fault in their eyes, they quickly correct the error.
Open source software produces competitiveness and diversity

How many Linux flavors are particularly prominent for open-source software diversity, real? Again Mozilla knows how many Firefox browsers are in Firefox. Even Google Chrome browser is also ready with Chromium’s open-source project. When everyone gets the power to take a project with their own hands, and they can develop their own ideas, then surely you will meet many diversities together.

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