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While listening to a new monitor or HD TV, certainly the latest rate is heard. Not only to hear, if you are a gamer you are also aware of its requirements. I would not say that, but at present TV and Monitor companies are using this topic as the main marketing term in their product specifications. They are reaching us with high refresh rates with their products and the price is touching the sky. Therefore, in this situation, we should have complete knowledge on this matter so that our money is not wasted.
What is the refresh rate?

Actually, this is not a serious matter, but if you understand, you will know the whole thing in 1 sentence. The refresh rate usually refreshes the monitor for the second time in seconds to measure the image. Again, this is the measurement which indicates how many monitors can show frames in 1 second (though this is not the case though). It is usually expressed by Hertz. 120Hz monitor means that it can display 120 pictures in seconds, but there is little difference in it.

Whenever a video or movie is made like a monitor, there is a fixed frame measurement per second. Suppose a video is recorded in 24 frames / second, that means it plays and plays 24 frames per second. Tell them who are not yet known, no video is actually running; Together, many pictures are taken in front of our eyes and due to some delays in our eyes, these pictures are running. You can read this article to find out how the video camera works. However, the framerate means how many frames or images will be displayed in 1 second. But the refresh rate does not mean the frame rate.

Suppose you are watching a video on the monitor, its frame rate is 24 frames / second and your monitor is 60 Hz; This means that the video will show 24 frames per second but the monitor will refresh 60 seconds per second. Even if a pixel has not been changed in the frame of your source video, the monitor will still be refreshed.

Take another example to make it more clear. Remember, you can not see any moving things while keeping your eyes open, but the world is running right in front of you. Let’s say you close your eyes once again and once again open the view of the new version. Now you need to see things continuously? Of course, you have to open socks and you can see world figures as fast as you can walk in every other. I hope to understand the whole thing.

Being a high refresh of a monitor means that it will be able to handle high frame rates. However, the highway refreshment can not always keep you in mind if the source video does not have enough frame rates. Suppose you are watching a video of 15 frames in 120 Hz monitor, so here you will not get the benefit of having 120 Hz monitors, but due to the low frame rate in the video, your picture is stuck.
Game and refresh rate

Games and refreshed video games are not referred to by graphics card or your computer hardware specification. The main connection is how many games are created every second in the game. Generally a game has a lot of frame rates and it sounds easy for you to play and watch this game as a player.

Problems can arise when your game rate is much higher than the monitor’s refresh, then the monitor can not properly sync the video. Your computer is actually playing well, but it shows the monitor

There is no power. For example, your monitor works in 60 Hz refreshes and you’re playing a game that is rendering 80 frames / second. In this situation, you can not see more than 60 frames in 80 seconds of the game. Again, you will see several frames in a refresh where 1 refresh is better in every refresh. Artificial frame caps can solve a great deal of this problem but you will not see a smoother play.

At present, refreshing technology has been changed to solve gamer problems. Nvidia tells this feature that G-Sync and AMD offer this feature as a free-sync. Your graphics card works on Dynamic Harz but the monitor works on fixed HERJ; And these two methods can never be the same. But if you have this feature on your monitor in G-Sync technology, then the monitor works as a graphics card. When your graphics card generates one frame, it also displays the monitor. It is not that graphics card work is doing graphics card and refreshing the way the monitor wants it.
Watch the video

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Playing games and playing games are two different things. The video has a fixed frame rate and the entire video runs at the same frame rate. But the game is presented in an instant frame. The video is usually recorded in 24 frames, but it is run on some frames in 30 frames or 60 frames, and is run again. The human eye has the ability to detect only 24 frames / second.

The TV for the monitor or home is approximately 60 Hz refreshing, usually refreshing the rate of 120 Hz, however, can be necessary for gamers. Now the question is how much is your HR, 480Hz refreshing? To be honest, “not absolutely necessary” developing companies advertise with refresh rate diameter, they show and try to show that the higher the number of refresher quality and good monitors.

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