New Bloggers Challenges in 2019: Friends This post is for those who want to come to the blogging field or those who have just started blogging. In today’s post I am telling you that if you want to create your own carrier in blogging, then what difficulties / challenges you may have to face.

New Blogger Challenges in Hindi

Blogging is not a difficult task, but now it’s not as easy as you think. In today’s time, success in blogging has become very difficult.

There is no doubt that Competition is increasing in blogging, so as much competition will increase, new bloggers will have as much difficulty in their footsteps.

So let’s know what are the challenges that New Bloggers have to face.

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New Blogger Challenges – New Bloggers Challenges 2019

Being successful in blogging has become very difficult now, a new blogger has to face many challenges to be a success blogger, which is low.

  1. Time

People who are full time jobs, when they know about blogging, they think that why not start it part-time. Yes, this is a great thing if you are doing any job then you can also start it part-time. but…

Part-time does not mean that you will succeed in blogging by giving it half an hour or an hour daily. If you have decided to do part-time blogging then ask yourself first thing if you can give blogging at least 5 days daily for 2-3 hours in a week.

  1. Interest

Before coming to blogging, ask yourself if you are interested in any topic and whether that interest can be shared in the logo through internet. If yes, you are welcome.

Start blogging only when you have good information about one topic, if not so, then you have started learning about the topic of your interest and then start blogging.

  1. Choosing Wrong Topics (Choose Wrong Topic / Niche)

I will share my experience here that at the beginning of blogging, 3 of my blogs were closed just because I chose a different topic from my interest. I did not see that there was an interest in me, but I just saw that on which topic is more money and more visitors visit.

This is a big reason and because of this, many bloggers have to leave blogging, writing a different topic from their choice, they start boring after a time and leave blogging.

  1. Creating Multiple Blogs

New bloggers often sit on more than one website and then do not focus on anyone right in the circle of managing them, the results fail in blogging.

Do not create more than one blog but work on a blog and design it well, set up and publish good content so that your blog gets as much audience as possible.

  1. Patience

Many new bloggers leave blogging within a few months of the beginning, because they do not get traffic and earning. But do you know that Google takes at least 2 to 3 months to understand your blog.

Most of the traffic on blogs comes from Google and thousands of blogs are being created daily in today’s time, so if you have just started, then be patient.

  1. Post Publication I have already published the entire week’s post in one day and I will do it again next week.

This is absolutely wrong. Regularly update your blog, this will allow your visitor to know how often you publish posts and to Google, to which Google will index your post quickly.

If you share a new post every day, do the same daily. If you are doing one in two days then do the same in future even in two days. This means that you create a time table for your blogging. This will benefit you very much.

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