Save money on your hotel bookings

Save money on your hotel bookings

Save money on your hotel bookings
Everyone wants a good deal. In the travel industry, where airfares and accommodation costs are easily hundreds or even thousands of dollars, travelers flock to ads that say “offers” or “budget hotels” and think it’s the answer. Or, they watch TV commercials suggesting using the leading third-party travel sites with the lowest rates and assuming this is the solution. But it’s?

Generally no But the alternative is for the consumer to do some research and most consumers have neither the time nor the experience to know where to find the lowest rates. The good news is that there are some simple steps you can take to make sure you get a good deal, even a great last minute deal.

First, you should know that hotels change rates every week. Assuming you find the lowest rate offered by a hotel, you now want to make sure you do not get it later. So, what can you do to avoid paying too much in case of lower rates after booking? One answer is simply to monitor the site.

To check your reservation, check the site you’ve used and call occasionally to find out if your hotel has reduced its rate. If you have reduced the rate and the drop is large enough, you can always cancel the reservation and reserve it again. If you have booked via a third party site, even if they charge a fee to change / cancel a reservation, it is worthwhile to change if the savings on the rate are sufficient. It only takes a few seconds to check and you can save up to over $ 100 in a 3 or 4 day stay if rates drop by $ 25 or more.

However, booking on third party sites is rarely the cheapest way to book a room. In one city, I found rates ranging from $ 149 to $ 399 for a specific hotel in the top three third party sites, but I found a $ 85.00 rate in other places for the same night, the same accommodation. Imagine if we were together in the elevator of this hotel comparing the rates paid and you found out that you paid over $ 400 for the same room I got for $ 92.85 after taxes and fees. I suppose you may not feel very well. Was he right?

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