A difficult year for the Transat holidays – Travel News


A difficult year for the Transat holidays – Travel News
2011 was a difficult year for Transat AT Inc. Compared to a gain of $ 52.4 million in 2010, the Canadian tour operator based in Canada recorded a loss of $ 4.5 million in the fourth quarter and 12, $ 2 million during the year. Despite increasing revenues by almost $ 30 million, the company has lost expectations in part due to restructuring and higher fuel costs combined with difficult economic conditions. Although they are still facing a difficult year 2012, the future looks promising and travel agencies and the traveling public should not panic for the moment.

Keep in mind that the travel industry is a roller coaster of ups and downs, trends and fashions, it is often a very unpredictable market which makes it difficult to predict future expectations. The best thing an airline or tour operator can do is try to predict where this ever-changing market is headed, adjust its course and expect that at the end of the day, when the dust stabilizes, you will be profitable and you will be seen favorably. An industry leader. This is what Transat AT Inc. does.

As part of their restructuring, they are looking for ways to improve their hotel product and improve their fleet. This includes the modernization of 5 of its Airbus A330s with new seats, configurations, lighting and entertainment over the next year, and several more over the next two years. Currently, Transat is also in talks with its hotel partners to negotiate cost reductions and offer exclusive products. The improvements to your fleet are, of course … primarily for aesthetic purposes to provide the consumer with a positive experience. The improvement in its already impressive product line is what the proverbial kicker should be.

In winter, Transat Holidays has been an industry leader in the leisure travel market in Mexico, the Caribbean and South America for over 20 years, offering numerous exclusive hotels to the most popular destinations. During the European travel season (spring / summer), they not only offer more than 30 destinations and most flight options of any Canadian charter, the complementary products for the tours, hotels and excursions offered by Transat Holidays. make it the smart choice for a complete vacation experience. By improving a quality product already “all year round” as it is currently the case, Transat can only succeed and be profitable in the future.

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