2019 and the new hope


2019 and the new hope
One of the reasons why your enemies succeed is that you let them do it. One of our African proverbs says: “Problems have the right to come to you, but you should not give them a chair to sit” We cry and complain and even go outside. We have built solid grammar and good English on Facebook and other social networks just to express how unhappy we are where we are.

I want to assure you that until we, the YOUNG PEOPLE of Nigeria act and act quickly, the game played by these enemies of Nigeria continues. They will continue to perpetuate in government as they have done. It became his birthright.

We have seen great thugs seizing power and circulating within them for years and the food remains as bad as in 1960. Billions of Naira have been destroyed in the name of repair. NEPA, PHCN and now TCN. We have always had departments for each sector of the economy, but obsolescence and rust are the order of the day. All signs of nationality are replaced by greed, nepotism, sectionalism, tribalism, religious and ethnic prejudice and now, a divided identity. Other nations are identified by skyscrapers, dynamic economies, innovations, industrialization and progress, no, these old men slowly kill ours, with witchcraft, selfishness, diverting all the funds of the project in their counters and creating dramas and series from one subject to another . There is no good news. They have formed a ball of negative energy in the business of a mountain at the height of Nigeria’s progress and, as if it were a destination, its banner is REAR FORCE. I’m tired of waiting. We have prayed in churches and mosques. I think young people have to have an idea. Decide to see real, tangible and reasonable results. We have to have an idea that we are tired of lies. These days, children have even acquired very irrational proportions. The fact that the rats persecuted our president outside the village is a lie that should make him one in prison.

We must decide to change our country forever. With a painful heart and a sustained commotion, I write this and it is not about me, but about the future of my country, NIGERIA. THE NIGERIAN YOUTH BLOCK MUST WAKE UP. We are a highly competent, intelligent, powerful, cosmopolitan and solution oriented group. Many of our doctors are doing wonders all over the world. Our engineers open new paths

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