Growing trend of child labor in Pakistan


Growing trend of child labor in Pakistan
What is child labor?

I would define child labor as the illegal employment of children in a business or job. It can also be defined as prohibited work for children under a certain age due to the harmful nature and unacceptable working conditions.

Poverty: the cause of child labor

Poverty is the main cause of child labor in Pakistan and other countries as well. Around 25% of Pakistanis live below the poverty line and their only goal in life is to meet the basic needs of life, namely food, shelter and clothing. Poor families tend to have more children and a person’s income cannot even meet these basic family needs. So, the only way these families know that basic needs are met is to let their children go out and find work for additional income. To support their families, these children begin working in different tea rooms, stalls or factories and unfortunately compromise their childhood in these bitter circumstances.

Child labor is not the solution to poverty.

People try different ways to get them out of bad living conditions and child labor in one of them. But this is the time when parents and everyone else must realize that child labor is not a solution to poverty. This type of attitude of parents and society that forces children to work outside where they are treated as servants and who have the inhuman behavior of these people called higher status destroys personality and esteem. of these innocent souls and makes them damaged individuals. They think it is fair to be treated that way because they are poor and have no right to defend their rights.

Children are the future of our country and it is up to us to make or spoil our future. Child labor is and will never be the solution to eradicate poverty in Pakistan. This will only make the situation worse, as it will eventually become unmanageable. So, if we want a bright nation, we need to make our children’s future bright by allowing them to have at least a basic education and a sense of self-worth. If they have a basic education, they can become self-sufficient and support their families in a respectable way where they will not have to ask for food and shelter in front of others.

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