Rohingya problems and our actions


Rohingya problems and our actions
Almost 25 years ago or before. Due to his work in government, he had the opportunity to spend several years in the Rangamati and Chandragona Kaptai area. Then, at the government headquarters in a police station in Nayanachar, I went to the local school. Maybe he was the only Bengali in my class. This is why some of my Rohingya or Rakhain regions came to Bangladesh to make friends. Although I don’t remember the reason why I spent many years, I do remember two of my close friends, USA Maung and Susa Mong, who live near the neighborhood. Myanmar’s border tensions as well as mountainous areas, and news reports again due to the Rohingya problem last night, said his voice.

Like many, I get the question, only after two days I see Rohingya torturing and killing Rohingya. Those who flee to another country or Bangladesh, send them back to this country. In fact, these Rohingya problems are neither ethnic nor religious. Before that, we must know the attitude of the religious group of our country. As a political link with our corrupt administration and our local religious, they easily get rid of the refugee area and mix it with the people. A few days ago, in an independent television report, these problems arose very well. The two were found as elected officials (the figures can be dedicated but not incidental), many people claim the purchase of land. Many local people adopt the change of the Bengali Rohingya method in the marriage system.

No matter! Given humanity, we have given refuge to the Rohingya, how can we maintain a third world country like this?

I found that Malaysia has fallen peacefully, the fast Turkish lady has washed, the inactive rhetoric of the United Nations and the humanitarian organization! So how long! When we strive to meet the basic needs of our fellow citizens, how can we carry the burden of that extra person? So what is the solution? Myanmar really supports Rohingya? I do not think that, because one of the main world superpowers, India and China, seems to be in favor of Myanmar, while, in the role of the United States, Russia is completely silent.

Let us look at our history, the linguistic movement of the liberation war of 1952 and 1971, the extent of the persecutions that the Pakistani people have made. Millions of people have been trapped in India. There was a fight for liberation. On their way to India, freedom fighters came to train. We meet our Rohingyas a lot!

Can we not resist the military training of the Rohingya? Yes, I know that war can never bring peace, what to do? From 1950 to 2017 until today they do not want it, they finally settled!

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