The breaths we take


The breaths we take
“Life is not measured by the amount of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away,” a quote from William Davies, who is remembered for the simplicity of the life he led. The beauty of life is always reinforced by the moments of amazement and amazement that seem to last forever captured in the minds of man. I am constantly amazed at the majesty of some of the places I have visited in my life. Surely, those cases, the scope and depth of some of the wonders of this world really took my breath away. Then there are other moments that deeply sadden and mortify my realm of existence.

Today’s world is full of those whose vile contempt for the wonders of life itself drives the destruction of the wonton and at the same time causes misery to many. The despicable acts and heinous atrocities against man and nature continue to underline the need for equality and balance in all countries of the world. The brutality and savagery of individuals and organizations continue. It is these infamous people who voluntarily hide behind layers of deception and deception.

Endless suffering in too many countries of the world are the antithesis of moments that leave us breathless. Again, the catastrophic magnitude of the amount of suffering and heinous crimes was inflicted against so many so that a few obtain their selfish, breathless ends. The cold-blooded butcher shop in many areas, especially in schools in the United States and elsewhere, leaves little doubt that humanity still cannot understand the meaning of peace and harmony with each other. These violent acts are becoming more frequent. Years of malicious, insensitive, deceptive and deceptive manipulation of certain individuals to gain more power and control over less fortunate crowds are major examples of how far man has to go to achieve an environment that produces equality, justice and morality throughout the world. world.

When I was young I was in a totally different era. The optimism that prevailed during my first years of age was so deep that nothing would have prepared me for the harsh realities of today. Most of our society is now the generation of my youth. Those of us who are approaching retirement or are now in retirement age have transformed the demography of our society so drastically that the majority, this generation, can no longer establish themselves in a “comfortable” retirement appearance. Just to survive by entering the “Golden Years” means continuing to work, that is if you are able to find work, keep your existing job and be physically able to work. Because of this, I take my breath away.

There are so many cases that are imprinted in the minds of men that only by the selfishness of certain individuals take our breath away. It seems that the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse have descended upon nations around the world. From the imposed famine, the continuing threat of pandemics, the destruction of life, the flagrant pollution that continues to destroy more life forms and the self-service bureaucrats that held the United States public hostage so that legislation was forced by the gorges of the United States. The American public is part of the design of scenarios by factual powers. The recent tax law for Republicans and the Trump administration would really do nothing to improve the existing economic conditions for most Americans. Trump’s rhetoric has angered the entire Muslim world when he proposes to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem, not to mention the challenging tone he uses towards North Korea, that perhaps the Four Horsemen have arrived.

Today’s reality takes our breath away, but not for the reasons one would like it to be. For the past 6 months, the Trump Administration has been embroiled in anything that eases the economic fortune of millions of Americans. The current members of Congress seem to be completely devoid of meaningful legislation that benefits all Americans. The only positive point has been the diligent work that Senator Sanders is trying to do. But, unfortunately, that keeps falling on deaf ears. Not a single piece of legislation that has left Washington has created a significant real job growth. All indications point to the return of more mass layoffs. The economy is constantly moving in reverse, contrary to what Trump continues to promote.

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