The hidden truth


The hidden truth
They have always said that history repeats itself. As the United States continues to fall out of favor with Trumpism on the agenda, it should not surprise us to start to see the similarities of what happened in Germany in the 1930s and what is happening today. By order or by decree, Trump and the Republicans have already been launched and by devising directives that will be one of the most insidious goals our government has planned in the history of our nations.

Disguised in the recent tax bill, the Trump administration has reached an agreement with the country’s largest employer {Wall-Mart}. In this tax bill, there is a clause which provides for a very generous tax reduction for Corporate Wall-Mart. Hidden without the media or public awareness are underlying conditions by which our government and Wall-Mart will use this tax cut. The recent closings of Sam’s Club and more than 10,000 Sam’s Club employees who are now unemployed have enabled many Wall-Mart employees to offer hourly wages. But that only covers what’s on the surface. Could there be a more diabolical pattern at play? You have a good idea of ​​what’s already going on in places like Chicago.

Chicago is the most recent site sent to addicts. Indeed, Chicago already has facilities to manage the large number of drug addicts. Think of heroin and other addictive drugs. Now when we talk about what’s going on with addicts, let’s think about our immigration policies that Trump is already trying to do. With the many closures of Sam’s Clubs, there is a very real possibility of being used for another purpose. These are buildings that will soon become vacant buildings, they are large enough to accommodate illegal immigrants from nations waiting to be deported.

When we look back on history, we remember what the government did to the many Japanese Americans during the Second World War. We must also remember what the Nazis did to the Jewish population in Poland and Germany during the 1930s until the end of the war. Now when we look at what is already happening here in the United States today with the growing epidemic of drug use, we see a very disturbing trend. People are forced into situations where they have no control over where they are sent or how they can get the help they need to recover from their addiction.

If the recent closings of Sam’s Clubs are in fact linked to tax cuts by the Trump administration and the rest of the Republican party in order to remodel these buildings for the sole purpose, like the cemeteries of Japanese-Americans during World War II and like the Nazis with their concentration camps to host which the government considers inappropriate for American citizenship is by far the most American political directive since the Second World War.

This is sufficient proof that the president and the majority of Republicans do not even have a hint of compassion for their peers. To sweep away the many immigrants who have come to this country to find a better way of life just to be excluded and treated like cattle that take them to places where awaiting deportation is unthinkable these days and yet that is exactly what It to arrive at. If the American public remains silent. It also proves that we still need to learn from the mistakes we have made in the past so as not to repeat. However, we start to repeat history only with a reality much more horrible for so many human beings.

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