Explore a luxurious lifestyle with flats in northern Kolkata


Explore a luxurious lifestyle with flats in northern Kolkata
North Calcutta and luxurious lifestyle? They are not synonymous with each other, right? Are you sure of this perspective? Well, reality is based on a completely different story.

The north of Kolkata essentially represents the vintage charm of the city. There is something unique about the region. While walking on the trails in this region, you will find houses built during the British era or even before. The lanes are narrow where you will find children playing “canyon cricket”. You will find traditional stores that sell fried groceries or as Bengals call it ‘Tele Bhaja’ along with some iconic candy stores. However, the luxurious lifestyle requires much more than such features. It requires modern features that improve your living standards and also simplify it.

Therefore, things are changing for North Kolkata. Small shops, old old houses and narrow streets are being replaced by contemporary facilities and modern spaces. However, does that mean this place will provide you with a luxurious lifestyle? Let’s delve into the blog to get acquainted with the truth.

Luxury life and North Calcutta: do they go hand in hand?

Modern residential projects: luxury begins with residential complexes defined by opulence and style. Housing complexes in northern Kolkata will provide the same. Most of the projects in this region are impressive, defined by comfort, luxury and modern comforts under one roof. The residential complexes are wrapped in the pure essence of nature backed by modern features, which gives you the best of both worlds.

Most projects extend across a large acre of land with 60-70% of open spaces defined by lush green foliage. These projects also consist of landscaped gardens, ponds, pocket gardens, playground for children and the like to provide a complete lifestyle in the midst of an impressive environment.

Improved living spaces: with modern housing complexes, you will also get the advantage of living in fine living spaces that will essentially improve your living standards. Built with cutting-edge technology, the projects consist of comfortable rooms, quality specifications of apartments (such as bathroom and kitchen accessories) and an incredible view of the city. And what is more? The modern luxury apartments in North Kolkata are open on 3-4 sides and comply with Vaastu, so they provide comfort and good vibes in your new home. Some projects will also provide you with duplex housing spaces within a price range of 30 to 40 lakhs. Isn’t that amazing?

Excellent amenities and facilities: In today’s world, it is mandatory that a residential complex provides residents with a remarkable set of amenities and facilities. By understanding the importance of the same, developers make sure to provide residential complexes with the comforts of the clubhouse and residential project facilities that will improve living standards one step further. Enjoy residential complexes in northern Kolkata that consist of features such as:

Rooftop pool

Adda room

Pool table

Modern gym

A multipurpose grass court.

Landscaped green areas

Reflexology park, etc.

In addition to these three main features, the connectivity ratio in northern Kolkata has also improved. The region has seen an increase in the routes of local trains, buses, auto-rickshaws, taxis and even subway links, which simplifies the daily task of traveling to various parts of the city. For example, if you buy apartments in Barasat, you will stay considerably close to the airport, local train stations and the next metro link for an easy trip.

With connectivity, the region has also seen an improvement in commercial facilities. The region now consists of popular schools, health care centers, shopping centers, department stores, entertainment areas, etc., thus fulfilling its requirements for a complete lifestyle.

Therefore, does the luxurious lifestyle and northern Kolkata go hand in hand? We can say without thinking twice that they go hand in hand. Therefore, North Kolkata is becoming a center of high-end residential projects to provide you with an elegant standard of living. Are you planning to buy a new house? Why not check out residential complexes in this region? The house of your dreams is probably hidden here.

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