Letter from Michael Jackson, March 2019


Letter from Michael Jackson, March 2019
10 years after Michael Jackson’s death, he is dragged through the mud with a documentary / documentary from HBO that raises accusations about a case that was tried and proven innocent in 2005.
California was determined to find Michael Jackson guilty in 2005 and try as much as possible not to have real evidence to prove child molestation. Many young celebrities, such as Macaulay Colkin, testified on their behalf that they had stayed at his house several times and had not been attempted at all. It was always good times. By appearing on the Mark Maroon WTF podcast in 2018, Kulkin confirmed his relationship with Jackson, describing the singer as “my best friend growing for a good period of fat in my life.” There are extensive screenshots on the internet for young Culkin boys playing with Michael and Janet Jackson on Neverland Ranch. Kulkin appeared in the trial, answering “never, never” and “never” when asked whether Jackson had molested him or touched him inappropriately, adding that the allegations against the singer were “extremely ridiculous.” On a pregnant woman, Kolkin recounted visits to the Neverland ranch between the ages of 10 and 14 that included water balloon fights, movie screenings, and video game sessions late at night.
This experiment destroyed Michael Jackson’s spirit more than the audience knew. He moved away from his beloved farmland, Neverland and never looked back. This also started a downward spiral with heavy sleep medications.
Many people choose to believe the negative about Michael Jackson. It is always easier to judge a person harshly than to think of their own good.
A few days after Michael Jackson’s death, an Australian radio program called me and asked me to transmit his soul. I did and was surprised with the pleasure of being able to contact him. I found it interesting and posted it on my blog. The next thing I learned was that I had thousands of people asking me more messages from Michael. At any point in time, she collected many of Michael’s messages and shared them with the audience.
I did so until the massive attacks against me became too much for me. You have moved away from directing or speaking publicly about Michael Jackson. From the private sector I have been receiving messages over the years from Michael. I always enjoyed hearing from it. It seemed to wander around whenever I felt a low point. I never thought that I would once again convey a message from Michael Jackson.
Because of the negative news about him, I feel it is time to let Michael’s spirit speak again.
What I discovered over the years was that Michael recovered and was working from the spirit world with many people to help them. It is very similar to what he tried to do in life, as he always tried to help the fallen and was supporting more charities at the time.
His spirit is healed and restored and is a powerful spiritual factor. He still works through his music as he touches and inspires new generations.
It works as a guide to help new people in the spirit world. I see it as a kind of ancient Egyptian boat that recently took the dead into the spirit realm. It is often a homage to newcomers.
Now I will share what I received from Michael this past week.

From Michael Jackson:

“Hello my love:
It is time to come forward to let the world know that I’m still alive. My body may be dead, but my soul is still active and realizing worldly things. What concerns me most is the effect of these wrong words on my children and my family. The only thing I wanted more than anything else was to protect my children from the world that hurt them. I asked their angels to stay with them and protect them from these attacks on me.

I am proud of my three children. Being a celebrity kid is not easy and they did a good job under these conditions. I cover beloved Paris with love all the time. I have taken things more difficult than anyone and do my best to take care of them and send angels to always be with them.

I care deeply for my fans who I know still love me and support me. Your love and efforts to defend me touch my soul. Your love arrives through me.
Harassing a child was the opposite of everything that I felt inside me and I couldn’t do it. I tried my best to help these kids and unfortunately everyone saw me as a dollar sign. I was really naive, but I chose to be this way instead of being hard and indifferent

Now I pray for them and ask that angels take care of them and that they finally speak the truth. At this point, I think people have already formed opinions and it may not matter what they said.

I will send love to everyone who touched their lives in a special way. This includes my fans. Without them my life would have been so different and loved every one of them. It does not matter that we have never met in person, here..


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