Rented schools: background, growth, financing, and now retreat It seemed like a good idea at the time, at least for some …


Rented schools: background, growth, financing, and now retreat
It seemed like a good idea at the time, at least for some …

The concept of rented schools was first expressed by University of Massachusetts professor Ray Bode in 1974, but these schools got off to a real start in 1988 when Albert Shanker, president of the then American Teachers’ Union, called for education reform and described them as models for innovation.

Minnesota was the first to pass a law in 1991; California followed suit the following year, and the movement set out from there. Rented schools now operate legally in 44 states, as well as DC, Guam and Puerto Rico, thanks to both Republican and Democratic politicians.

Despite independent work and a lack of oversight and accountability, charter schools are public schools, with taxpayers paying for bills. In fact, a 2015 PR Watch report indicates that federalists have spent $ 3.3 billion over the past 20 years “creating and nurturing the rental school industry”, yet they have no comprehensive list of receiving schools or how they spent the money.

A big boost came from President Obama and Education Minister Arne Duncan who provided billions of tax dollars to the rental school industry. In fact, in 2016, Obama announced from May 1 to May 6 the National Schools Week Charter.

And now Trump is in the driver’s seat, along with Ed Betsy DeVos’s secretary, and billions of dollars of taxpayers keep their right to flow into the school selection movement.

Indeed, Davos recently awarded Michigan $ 47 million to open more covenants. 80% of those that are already working for bad results. Take Detroit as over 50% of its students attend a charter. In the last national educational assessment, also known as the nation’s report card, their scores were the lowest in the country – again.

Note that Michigan alone spends nearly a billion dollars annually on charters, but, according to Detroit Free Press reports, “I failed to hold them accountable.”

Speaking of closures, close to 2,500 covenants were closed between 2001 and 2013, which sent about 280,000 students searching elsewhere.

Al-Methaq School statistics by specialist:

There are now about 7,000 charter schools in 44 states and D.
New Orleans is the first city without even a single traditional public school;
56.5% of the city’s charters;
They enroll a total of approximately 3.2 billion students, 5.4% of all students.
Among all rented school children:
California has the highest number registered: 544,293-8.7% of all public schools;

The capital has the highest percentage with 34,541 – 42.7% of all public school students;

• Arizona has the second highest attendance rate of 18%.

For the country’s 400 full-time virtual groups, the Education Policy Center finds they enroll about 300,000 children – with only some money going towards their education. The rest goes to the neighborhood or a private company, and she is free to do whatever she wants with money.

For example, among Pennsylvania’s 15 schools of cyber charters, blogger Stephen Singer reports that 10 of them operate according to expired covenants, and none has met state standards. He also said, “They must all be closed.”

It is on something, where momentum is gaining momentum, with examples like …

1. According to the National Conference of State Legislative Boards, 86 bills were passed in 2018. “The debate about [their presence] has ended in most states. It is not really that we should not – we should no longer They have already begun to reach the granular level, and now that we have a choice, how do we make sure that it really works and does what we aim to do. ”

2. Former California Governor Jerry Brown has vetoed all efforts to rein in rental schools and hold them accountable, but now, thanks to Gavin Newsom Governor, the plans are no longer able to challenge rejected applications, new requests can be blocked, and closures Current applications. He also indicated that more changes may be in full swing.

3. West Virginia lawmakers, who received an invitation from striking teachers, recently rejected a bill that would have opened the first state-rented schools – up to 7 Junior Schools, along with 1,000 educational savings accounts so parents with special needs and / or children can Those who are bullied by paying for the private school.

Carroll is a learning specialist who has worked with middle school children and their parents in the Methakton School District, Pennsylvania for more than 25 years and now supervises student teachers at Orsinus College. Along with the booklet, 149 parenting school governance tips: intermediate grades and above, and numerous articles in publications such as Pre-Kindergarten Education and Curious Parents, have authored three successful educational guidebooks: the Getting School-Wise: A Student Guidebook, The Other Wise and Wise School: A Parent’s Guide, ESL activities for each month of the school year.

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